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What are your hours?

Monday – Friday, 08:00 AM – 12:30 PM & 1:30 PM – 5:15 PM. Saturdays by appointment.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer in-house financing (buy here, pay here).

What are your payments like?

We offer 3 options: $75 a week, $150 every two weeks, or $300 a month. There is a $25 late fee. There is also a $1000 financing fee.

Do you offer warranties?

We don’t offer any warranties, all vehicles are sold AS-IS.

Can I test the car/ have it checked by a mechanic?

As long as you have a valid AR driver’s license you can test drive. You are welcome to have your mechanic examine the car before purchase.

What kind of insurance will I need to purchase a vehicle?

We require that you obtain, carry, and maintain FULL COVERAGE insurance.

What is your policy on late payments?

If a payment is going to be more than 2 days late we must be notified. There is a $25 fee for late payments, unless an agreement is made with management. If late payments become a problem the vehicle will be repossessed.

What if my vehicle is repossessed?

If your vehicle is repossessed, you will have the option of coming into the office within 10 days to pay your account in full, plus a minimum $300 repo fee. If not, the client has 10 days to return the keys in order to claim any personal belongings (anything not attached to the vehicle) left inside.

Who are you?

M – Auto Sales begun as a small used car dealership in 1997, with only a handful of cars. 18 years later, we have one of the biggest used car lots in the area, with over 100 cars on sale.